Alignment Life Coaching

Aligning Your Focus: Specialized coaching for ADHD empowerment
Why work with a life coach?


Uncover your hidden ADHD strengths while getting clarity on your values, belief systems, and mental blocks


Benefit from non-judgmental, collaborative, and fully supportive relationship with your coach.


Turn challenges into chances and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.


Improve focus, productivity, and organization. Enhance self-confidence and self-acceptance.


I am an experienced educator, volunteer, and mom with two kids. I became an ADHD Life Coach after my daughter got diagnosed with ADHD. Now, through "Alignment Life Coaching", I help people of all ages with ADHD challenges. I also create workshops and groups for parents like me, using the top training I have received.

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An ADHD Life Coach helps clients grow and understand their ADHD. Instead of giving answers, they help clients find their own. Many coaches know ADHD challenges firsthand.

Want to start? Have a free 20-minute chat with Patrycja on Zoom. After agreeing and a first payment, you'll plan together to tackle your goals. The aim? Understand your ADHD better and make positive changes.

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