The Intro

My name is Patrycja. I am a long-time educator and volunteer in the community of Prince George, which is located on the ancestral, unceded territory of the Lheidli T'enneh. I am a former college and university instructor, a forager, a gardener, and a wanna-be violinist.    I am a mother of two children, one of whom has ADHD and requires a totally different parenting approach.  She is also a creative life-force who makes my life an amazing and, at times, exasperating roller-coaster of a ride.

The Story

When my daughter was first diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, I struggled to find para-medical or other professionals who had a sound understanding of ADHD. Our pediatrician was fantastic, but he could not provide regular practical day-to-day tips on how to parent a sparkplug of a child, like my daughter. I realized I had made a lot of mistakes with my child and felt really guilty. That set me on a path of self-discovery of who I really was as a parent and ultimately led me to complete a rigorous year-long program in ADHD Life Coaching to fill the gap in our community.

The Present

Through Alignment Life Coaching I am providing a life-changing service to teens, college and university students, parents of ADHD-ers as well as to mature adults. Most clients experience struggles in their personal and professional lives, such as difficulties with transitions, coping with schoolwork or workload, and maintaining fulfilling relationships.
I am using the knowledge and skills that I acquired through my ADHD Life Coach training to partner with my clients in making impactful changes in their life.

The Future

I am working on creating short-term parent training workshops, and support groups for parents of ADHD-ers. Please contact me if interested.

Relevant trainings

Certified ADHD Life Coach (iACT Centre), Emotion-focused Family Training (Foundry), Assist Suicide Prevention Training (Crisis Centre for Northern BC), Crisis Prevention Institute training (School District 57), Trauma-Informed Practice Workshop (Linda O’Neil, UNBC), Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health (CAMH)