• An ADHD Life Coach is a partner, an active listener trained in reflective inquiry, and a facilitator of the client’s growth.
  • An ADHD Life Coach is not a therapist, a mentor, a tutor, or a consultant.
  • A Life Coach will listen, ask evocative questions, and give you space to uncover the answers for yourself.
  • An ADHD Life Coach will not advise you or tell you what tools or strategies you must use. 
  • An ADHD Life Coach sees you as a resourceful, creative, and whole individual who possesses all the answers deep down inside.
  • An ADHD Life Coach does not see you as a person with a ‘broken’ brain who needs rescuing. 
  • A certified ADHD Life Coach is a professional who has undergone thorough training in challenges specific to people with ADHD. Most ADHD Life Coaches have a first-hand experience of ADHD and have walked the walk.



1. Who is the target audience for ADHD life coaching?

ADHD life coaching is tailored for anyone grappling with the unique challenges posed by ADHD. An official diagnosis isn't a prerequisite; some individuals opt for coaching to deepen their understanding and support their children or partners affected by ADHD. Some people suspect they have undiagnosed ADHD, or are in the process of obtaining a diagnosis..

2. How does ADHD life coaching differ from traditional therapy?

Unlike therapy which might delve into past traumas, ADHD coaching is oriented towards the present and future. Many therapists may not have extensive expertise in the ADHD realm, affecting their therapeutic approach. Sometimes coaching might be the better fit, but if therapy seems more apt, I will candidly recommend it. It's noteworthy that clients often simultaneously collaborate with both a therapist and a coach, yielding remarkable results. They can either complement each other or be beneficial at different stages in one’s journey.

3. What is the cost structure for coaching?

Your initial 20-minute Discovery Session comes at no cost. The pricing for subsequent coaching packages varies based on their duration. Additionally, I offer a discretionary sliding scale, a special rate for students, and a referral incentive. For a detailed breakdown, please refer to the 'Fees' section.

4. How long should I expect the coaching process to last?

The coaching duration is tailored to individual needs. A majority of my clients find value in a 3-6 month engagement. This span allows us to forge a robust foundation, keenly identify your strengths and areas of improvement, cultivate and hone new strategies, and witness tangible progress, fostering enduring change.

5. Is ADHD Life Coaching recognized by extended benefits in British Columbia?

Some employers have a Wellness Benefit which might encompass ADHD Life Coaching. However, several prominent insurance providers haven’t onboarded it as of now. It’s advisable to verify with your specific insurance provider or employer.

Note: You may be able to ask your Employer to use your Professional Development fund to cover life coaching. If you have both autism and ADHD, you might be able to use your autism funding.

6. What if I'm hesitant about a full package commitment?

You certainly have the flexibility to opt for an individual session. However, the true essence and efficacy of coaching is best realized through the continuity of sessions, fostering mutual trust and understanding.

7. How do I gear up for our sessions?

Consider each coaching session as your personalized time. Coming in with a clear "agenda" or focal point is beneficial. Additionally, I'll forward a set of reflective questions prior to our meet. Once ready, either log into our Zoom session or meet me in-person, and together, we'll embark on your transformative journey.

8. What transpires during our sessions?

Every coaching session is a collaborative endeavor. Our primary goal is to keep you aligned with your objectives. The sessions are relaxed yet productive. Occasionally, moments of revelation or shifts in perspective might occur outside our sessions. You're in complete control, steering the direction and pace. With your consent, I might introduce resources or suggestions, but I steer clear of imposing any decisions.

9. Why are "action steps" pivotal between our sessions?

Engaging with action-oriented tasks between our sessions keeps the momentum alive, ensuring that the principles and strategies discussed are applied, accelerating your overall progress.

10. Can I seek reminders for my commitments?

Of course! I can send a gentle email or text nudge once between our sessions to remind you of your commitments or intentions for the week.

11. What about your coaching credentials?

I'm proud to be a certified ADHD Life Coach and am in the midst of my certification journey with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My profile also boasts several trainings in mental health. For an exhaustive view of my qualifications, please refer to 'Who is Your Coach'.

12. Is ADHD diagnosis part of your service offering?

No, as I'm not a medical practitioner, I can't diagnose ADHD. If you're seeking an ADHD diagnosis for an adult in BC, initiate the process with your family physician. If that's not an option, reach out to Talktofrieda. For diagnosing a child, I can provide a specific handout for guidance.

13. How do I transact my payments?

For now, e-transfers are the accepted mode of payment. Unfortunately, I don’t process credit card payments currently.

14. Do you offer coaching for young children?

Presently, my expertise is channeled towards older teens and adults. When addressing children's needs, my approach pivots towards guiding parents, empowering them to leverage their child’s strengths while managing ADHD symptoms.

15. What if budget constraints prevent me from opting for life coaching?

Reach out to me regarding the sliding scale or any ongoing promotional offers. I can also recommend a curated list of invaluable ADHD resources.

16. How can I delve deeper into ADHD Life Coaching?

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Zoom Discovery Session to explore further.