Unlike therapy, life coaching is time-bound, which means that it should not go on ‘forever’. The best results are achieved when we can develop a relationship and work together on a weekly basis for at least 3 months; however, a shorter time frame also works. If you encounter financial hardship, please feel free to schedule a Discovery Session either way to discuss alternative options.

New Year Promo! *

                          * Offer valid till the end of January only

All packages - 15% off

       Standard (3 months) & Extended (6 months)
       Regular and student rates available ($51- $95/hr)

What’s included:
  • Detailed Strategy and Planning Session
  • Weekly meetings on Zoom or in person (café or outdoors)
  • Accountability partnership
  • Mid-week check-in via text or email
  • Resources


                    Sliding scale available on a discretionary basis

                              Please contact me for more details.